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We offer a complete interactive software suite to cover all of your law and order needs. Choose the software that fits your needs. Save time and money by combining more than one application in your order or by adding them to your package at a later time. For even more savings, look into our Assurance Suite software for Government Tax and Licensing Solutions.

Jail & Records

The Jail Guardian system is a complete software package designed for managing jails and detention centers. It includes all JMS (Jail Management) and RMS (Records Management) functionality.


The Jail Guardian Dispatch system is a full featured computer aided dispatching system to track multiple calls, and units. It tracks the status of each of your Law Enforcement, Emergency Services and Special teams and logging their activity over time for accurate reporting.

Pistol Permits

The Weapons Guardian system is designed for the issuance and tracking of weapon permits. It does everything including data collection, capturing the picture, collecting the money, and printing the card.


The Jail Guardian Inventory Module keeps track of the anything in your department from batteries to vehicles. Track who currently has each item and where they are located. It also helps keeping track of you maintenance logs, so you know when to replace key pieces of inventory.


The Jail Guardian Evidence Module keeps track of controlled items. Track items within your evidence room and who currently has custody of each item.

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